What is FieldConnect?


Customer First - Cloud First

Our powerful solutions leverage the many benefits of cloud-based computing including efficiency, flexibility, and strategic value. A cloud-based approach means that your organization has the latest product capabilities, without being a burden to existing IT staff and infrastructure. This approach also allows better interoperability with existing systems, while providing the ability to integrate with multiple ERP packages and other elements of your current and future technical environment.

Increased revenue and cash flow
• One more service call per week/tech
• Same day invoicing
• Ability to quote small jobs in the field
Increased customer satisfaction
• Improved first-time fix rates
• SLA management
• Customer portal for self-service
Reduced costs
• Do more with less
• Less downtime for technicians
• Lower IT costs with cloud solution
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How Can FieldConnect Help You?

Please select your role in the organization to learn how FieldConnect solutions can help you.

Our solutions can meet the needs of different roles within the organization. Choose your job position for more information on the features and benefits of our product to your specific needs.

CEO / Owner

CFO / Operations

CTO / IT Manager

Service Manager



Fire & Safety

Sick of putting out fires? Respond effectively to scheduled and unscheduled service calls with field service optimization. Your customers depend on you. Make sure you can come through for them every time.


The expectations for service levels these days can be shocking. Deliver an exceptional customer experience, whether you’re working with residential customers, commercial accounts, or providers within the electrical supply chain.


Don’t let profits and revenue go down the drain. Manage your plumbers in the field and make sure they have everything they need to get the job done. When they have the right information and the right materials, your field force can improve the first-time fix rate and help the bottom line.

Specialty Contracting

In the world of specialty contracting, every one of your customers is different. Different projects, different timelines, different expectations, different materials. Keeping track of the uniqueness of each, while accurately maintaining service records and billing data, is challenging.

HVACR & Mechanical

When business heats up, keep your cool with the ability to effectively manage your HVAC field service teams. We have a range of customers – residential to commercial, local to regional – and every one of them benefits from the ability to eliminate paper and more efficiently deploy their field resources.

Property Management

Keep your property field force from getting locked out of better service. Use our service management capabilities to effectively perform scheduled maintenance, as well as the volume of scheduled and ad hoc requests.


Build a better business model by streamlining all aspects of construction field management. Get control over labor, equipment, and processes without getting stuck in the mud.