FieldConnect Solutions

Take advantage of the Cloud evolution! We have embraced an agile methodology for all the FieldConnect products in order to deliver on the promise of flexibility, interoperability, and future-proofing of your investment. We have expended our integration with leading ERP platforms, and are poised to embrace future enhancements and provide tight integration for business intelligence, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

Digital Transformation
While the process may seem daunting at first, Digital Transformation empowers your employees, captures key information quickly and accurately, and speeds up cumbersome processes. What does “payroll day” look like in your office? With our solutions, information becomes an asset, not a liability!
Our solutions are built for the cloud for faster deployment and lower overhead. A subscription based model allows for growth without the headaches of IT management. Furthermore, a cloud approach provides integration points to additional capabilities to enhance the value of your system.
While certain capabilities are critical in the short-term, we have you covered for the long-term, too. Start with your most pressing problems, then expand the solution over time to address additional challenges. We offer modularity that provides an elegant growth path as you reap the benefits of the system.
FieldConnect Online

FieldConnect Online

FieldConnect Online represents the future of software and the methods used to deliver it effectively. Using the cloud and a SaaS pricing model, your company can take advantage of our capabilities faster, cheaper and with a modularity that allows for incremental adoption.

Benefits of FieldConnect Online include:

  • Cloud model allows for faster deployment
  • Leverage built-in service management capabilities
  • ERP-agnostic – use the ERP solution that you have or the one you want
  • Support digital transformation for your business
  • Capture information in a manner that allows for analysis and insights


Work Order Management

Equip field technicians with real-time visibility and tools to get their jobs done faster and smarter. Allow them to complete work orders, service forms, and labor records quickly and accurately.

Benefits of FieldAccess include:

  • Gives technicians access to all site and asset history in real time, giving the field the power to work smarter and increasing first visit fix rates
  • Speeds inspection procedure data collection and storage, improving traceability and compliance of field inspections compared to manual procedures
  • Simplifies accurate field technician time entry and approval, leading to hard dollar and opportunity cost savings
  • Can operate off-line when the field technician has no data coverage and online for instant communication with the back office
  • Extend your ERP functionality into the field and to customers delivering real-time communication
Field Gateway


Dispatch/Back Office Management

Enable supervisors to view and reassign work orders, track labor by technician and team. FieldGateway provides the right field service information for the right back-office role, all with a single login.

Benefits of FieldGateway include:

  • Web-enabled planning, scheduling & dispatch capabilities (with FieldDispatch)
  • Real-time visibility into the status of your service calls
  • Lead management capabilities that allow you to find and manage new revenue opportunities when your techs don’t have access to your CRM system
  • Seamless integration with your existing accounting system allows for real-time flow of info between the back office and the field


Customer Portal

Empower your customers to place service requests, check the status of their work orders and view site history & invoices with our customer portal solution.

Benefits of FieldDirect include:

  • Use FieldDirect as a sales tool to win new contracts and renew your existing ones
  • Free up your dispatchers allowing your customers to request service without ever picking up the phone
  • Empower your customer’s business by giving them online access to work order status & maintenance history
Customer Portal
Field Dispatch


Scheduling and Dispatch

Mobilize your back-office to dispatch from anywhere, anytime, with this intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for managing field technicians.

Benefits of FieldDispatch include:

  • Simplify resource allocation with multi-view drag-and-drop calendaring
  • Overcome service module scheduling limitations with multi-day, multi-week work order assignment capabilities
  • Speed technician deployment by assigning jobs directly from the work order
  • Engage your dispatchers in troubleshooting with online access to customer, site & equipment work order history
  • Improve situational awareness with mapping of customer and technician locations


Field Sales Quoting

Give field technicians the ability to seize sales opportunities and instantly quote business with real-time access to customer history, service agreements, and rate tables.

Benefits of FieldQuotes include:

  • Empower technicians to quote add-on business on the job site
  • Eliminate paper-based quotes for your service sales team
  • Ensure that quotes comply with pricing established in your ERP with minimal back office involvement
field quotes
Field Project


Project Management

Project foremen and crews enter, review and manage project information from web-enabled devices: active jobs, project history, crew time tracking, mobile form entry, material and equipment costs.

Benefits of FieldProject include:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry – enter project notes one time for everyone to see and review from anywhere based on permissions
  • Drive accountability for your team and your customer with digital signatures and on-the-spot reporting capabilities
  • Improve billing accuracy by assigning the right inventory to the job and tracking equipment usage, at the job site

Subcontractor Portal

FieldConnect’s Subcontractor Portal is a secure, web-based tool that enables you to manage each of your subcontractors as they accept and complete the work orders you assign or put out to bid.

Benefits of the Subcontractor Portal include:

  • Integrate service subcontractors into your workflow
  • Identify and reduce potential cost overruns and project delays
  • Get real-time visibility into job status for all subcontractors
  • Enable faster invoicing for subcontracted work
subcontractor portal