Service Manager

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Ensure that your field service techs are delivering a consistent, quality customer experience.

Make sure that your field service techs have everything that they need to be successful.

FieldConnect provides a solution that makes sure every worker in the field has what they need to complete the job right, right on time.

Deploy resources to the right job at the right time, every time.

There are a lot of moving parts that have to come together to complete a job.

We deliver customer information, job site information, and make sure that your experts in the field have all the equipment, tools, and materials that are required to get the job done right, on the first visit.

Identify issues before they become big problems.

Get visibility into trends and issues with the lead time to address small problems before they become big ones.

By digitizing the field service delivery process, FieldConnect gives you a dashboard of sorts to identify issues around SLA’s, scheduled maintenance, and ad hoc service calls. Once identified, you have the tools you need to adjust on the fly and overcome obstacles to completing the task at hand.